ABOVE for City Of Gold 2015

City Of Gold Urban Art Festival was proud to have the infamous ABOVE as a featured artist this year. He painted his largest mural to date, a 400sqm version of his "Incognito'" artwork. The mind-blowing mural in Jeppestown can even be seen from the M1 freeway framed by the iconic Johannesburg skyline. Thanks to Nissan, Excelsior Paints for the support.


FALKO for City Of Gold 2015

South African graffiti pioneer came up to Johannesburg from Cape Town to take part in another City Of Gold festival. He painted a large wall in Newtown with some of his signature elephants and then managed to find time to squeeze in a few small elephants in and around Jeppestown.


ADNATE for City Of Gold 2015

City Of Gold had the pleasure of hosting the super talented Melbourne based artist ADNATE for this year's edition. He is a painting machine leaving behind two huge beautiful murals in Jeppestown and even squeezing in a little trip to Soweto. Thanks to Montana Cans for the support!


City Of Gold 2015 - Final Day

Saturday was the final day of City Of Gold 2015, most of the murals have been completed with Above and Adnate still finishing up their massive walls on Sunday. Thank you to everyone that has supported the festival this week. Stay tuned for more pics...


City Of Gold 2015 - Day 5 & 6


City Of Gold 2015 - Day 4

Day 4 of City Of Gold 2015 saw good progress being made on all the murals, Adnate finished his first wall while Above, Mediah, Falko and the rest of the artists cracked on with theirs. Keep an eye out for more progression and the completed pieces....