Featured Artist: MALIK


Malik is one of Switzerlands most talented and successful aerosol artist.
Born and raised in 1977 in Aarau, Switzerland, he attended art school in Bern after high school. Soon enough, however, it dawned on him: He was being led down certain paths he lacked an appetite for. Accordingly, he took an independent, self-guided trajectory to implement his ideas without constraints.
His craftsmanship can clearly be seen not only in painting, graffiti, illustrations and design, but also in sculptures and objects. He is the creative all-rounder who seeks to enjoy himself with something more than fast-decaying techniques. He loves letting off steam in various areas and with different materials and to link everything together.
In the early 90s, inspired by the colors and the ability to work fast on large surfaces, he discovered the spray can as a new stylistic device. Large surfaces open up a plethora of new perspectives to him, while promising freedom and boundless creativity under a blue sky. Starting only with a rough sketch or with a sparking idea in mind, he lets inspiration run wild on a huge surface, and often ends up in awe at the end result.
Such applications can also be seen in the project "4661m2 - Art in Prison": A prison shrouded completely in street art: an art project, initiated and shaped by Malik, which is probably unique in such form. During 2 years, 16 well-known artists from Switzerland and one from Poland designed 4,661 square meter of concrete floor in the JVA Lenzburg as a Gesamtkunstwerk.
Malik artworks convey a sense of bewilderment and tear down the walls of conventionalism. Opposites collide, beauty meets revulsion, destruction faces reconstruction, in his environment and inner being.
"Life is full of contradictions and contrasts. People are simultaneously fascinated and annoyed by themselves. As an artist, my mission consists in shedding light on this contradictory nature, generating so-called "friction" voltage, also through the use of morbid and sarcastic elements. I strive to break boundaries and unite opposites and contrasts:”