Featured Artist: SOBEKCIS


Twin brothers Born in Belgrade Serbia 1991. Enrolled at the Belgrade high school of design in 2006, after finishing high school in 2010 both started studies at the Applied Arts Academy of Vienna.

“From the start of our artistic carrier as graffiti writers one of the main goals was to achieve the highest levels of impact in our work. To create work whose purpose was to catch your eye in the moment while you are passing by, and to stand out from all the surrounding clutter and noise of the environment”.

Since moving back to Belgrade, Serbia in the beginning of 2015, after their design studies in Vienna, they've switched there focus in the medium of fine art , from outlined figurative forms in previous works, to a new body of work witch is in essence focused more on forms color and compositions. Resulting in a collaged landscape of abstract and geometrical forms, which translates their extensive street and university experience, to create paintings which leave the image open, so that each individual can explore the work in their own way and at the same time see something totally different.

By transitioning to abstraction they have been able to more efficiently reproduce the way they have worked in the past with graffiti in the outdoor environment.
They feel it is much more related to the practices of manipulating letter forms, and found much easer to transmit their previous knowledge and experience in to there studio work.
Creating a body of work witch is more coherent with their creative background but again creating something different in which they can develop further.